About Hydrographics


What is hydrographic?
Hydrographics is a permanent, water and paint process that allows us to print an image on pretty much any 3D object.

How do you determine cost?
Each quote we give is determined not only by size, shape and condition but also on the prep work and supplies the item requires. People sometimes think hydrographics is a simple process but, we are a custom paint shop with the same prep and painting process as another autobody shop. For example, certain types of plastics require an extra 3 sometimes 4 steps than other plastics, this will affect pricing. If you're looking for color match, candies or pearls, this will also affect pricing as well.

What do you need from me to get a quote? 

We do in house quotes during regular business hours as well via appointment.

What kinds of paint do you use?
We use only professional grade automotive products to ensure a long lasting and durable UV protected finish.

How durable is the finished product?
Since we use only professional grade automotive products your piece will come back to you virtually as durable as your vehicle after a fresh paint job.

How long will you need my piece?
In most cases 1-2 weeks. Larger and more detailed items we may require more time.

What patterns are there to choose from?
There are over a thousand different patterns to choose from! Once we have a better idea of what you're looking for we'll be able to discuss patterns.

What types of objects can you dip?
Pretty much anything you can come up with! Metals, plastics, wood, ceramic, leather, glass!

How do I get my stuff to you?
Once you receive a quote we can set you up with a drop off appointment.